Have You Had Enough of Your Lumpy, Bumpy Orange Peel Skin?

Cellulite is probably one of the most annoying and embarrassing conditions that women suffer from. In fact, it is estimated that well over 80% of all women above the age of 20 suffer with some form of cellulite. Unfortunately, to be completely honest, cellulite has no easy cure. With that being said, there are a number of things you can do to dramatically improve the appearance of cellulite. This post introduces you to a number of facts about cellulite and potential treatments.


Cellulite basically comes from the septae becoming loose, which is an entire network of tissue strands that are connected together to hold fat in place, thus causing the fat to bulge in between these tissues. This in turn then creates the rippled skin effect that we commonly call cellulite. Unfortunately, there is no real way to control the tightness of the septae, although genetics does play a huge part in this. Cellulite is more common amongst women than men, and this is simply because women have far less septae in the body, and the septae also tend to be a little looser anyway.

Additionally, women have skin which is thinner than men, and a number of hormones, which are known to affect the strength of the septae and the overall size of the body’s fat cells. In medical terms, the only real way to completely rid your body of cellulite is to get rid of the fat, whilst also completely changing the internal structure of the skin… easier said than done!

Weight Loss

Due to the fact that a large proportion of cellulite is made up from fat, losing weight through proper diet and exercise seems like a viable option. However, in truth, this very much depends on the overall elasticity of your skin. If your skin manages to bounce straight back onto your body after you have lost weight, this can definitely reduce the appearance of cellulite. However, it your skin sags after weight loss, this is likely to make cellulite look even worse than before.


There are various treatments for cellulite, ranging from topical creams and lotions, to non surgical methods. The creams and lotions on the market typically either contain caffeine or vitamin A. Caffeine helps to tighten the skin, which can make the bumps appear far smoother, whereas vitamin A can help to thicken the skin on the outside. You may also wish to try these creams and lotions with other ingredients, such as vitamin C and gingko, which are both known to help improve circulation, thus helping to tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of bumps.

The other forms of cellulite treatment involve you visiting a spa or dermatologist, which may see you undergo endermologie. This treatment involves the kneading of the skin, whilst also using a device to roll over the skin, thus improving circulation and boosting the body’s production of collagen. There are also various radio frequency and laser treatments used, which can help to shrink fat cells, although these treatments are far more expensive than any of the other cellulite treatments.

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