How to Lose Weight In The Shortest Time?

Are you trying to lose weight fast?

Then, you need to work harder than any other people who are having the same objectives. Just like somebody used to say: “If you want to have the things that nobody has, you need to do the things that nobody does.” In my text today, I will reveal everything I know about how to lose weight in the shortest period. I hope that the following methods will be easy for you to implement:

1.      Water is always necessary

Water has various effects on your health and is particularly useful for weight loss process. It can increase the functions of your abdominal part, kidneys, and liver, which is very beneficial for your metabolism and burn a large amount extra calories. Therefore, you will be able to harness your hunger and eat less than usual.

Drinking about two cups of water before meal will give you the best effects on your weight. A study from Brenda Davy from Virginia Tech used to prove that true. She tested two groups, one of which drank two cups of water before their meals and the other did not drink any water. After three months, the first group reduced 5 pounds more than the second, which was 13 percent more efficient.

2.      Divide three meals into six

Almost all people have three meals a day. However, they don’t know that the routine cannot help them lose weight at all. In fact, it can easily go up if they eat oily foods.

Therefore, dividing the big meals into smaller ones is the best solution in this situation. It will boost your metabolism. And when there is less food in your stomach, it will not have to work as hard as before and function much more quickly. That is why 6 is an appropriate number basing on the time that a person needs to digest the foods that he takes in.

Every 2 to 3 hours, you can have a meal. Remember to plan a thorough plan for diet before starting this method. Otherwise, you will fall into harmful foods without you even noticing.

3.      Avoid alcohol and soda

Do you know that alcohol contains 7 calories per gram? And so does soda.

Moreover, those are the drinks that can reduce your fat burning speed. Once getting into your body, they will be consumed first. Therefore, when you eat, your stomach will digest the foods slower and leave the redundant fats inside your body. After that, it takes about 3 or 4 days for your body to consume them. That is why if you have alcohol and soda regularly, your abdominal part will get bigger every day. And eventually, you will have obesity.

So, you should avoid alcohol and soda as much as possible if you want to lose weight.

4.      Take advantage of weight loss pills

Weight loss pills are widely used in the market nowadays, especially by women, and also one of the quickest methods to lose weight. You can ask for your doctor’s advice before trying using any supplements. There are Phentermine, Adepix, Absolutely Full, … and so on if you want to find the best over the counter appetite suppressant.

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